World overcomers in the Sermon on the mount

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World overcomersWorld overcomers – the vision

World overcomers has always been the center of God’s heart and mind! God is an overcomer and desires His people to overcome the world!  Allow me to suggest a brief outline of what we may call “the Vision of World Overcomers” which serves as a type of roadmap to eternity.

A biblical definition of world overcomers

First allow me to define exactly what world overcomers are according to the biblical description. God sees all Christians as overcomers and gives all of them the position of an overcomer but not all Christians become world overcomers in practice.  There may be many ways to define an overcomer but a thorough treatment of the characteristics of an overcomer can be seen in the Sermon on the mount recorded in Matthew 5, 6 and 7.

World overcomers in the Beatitudes

We can read a description of the nature of the overcomer in the first twelve verses of Matthew chapter 5 often called the Beatitudes.  Here we have seven dimensions of the nature of the overcomer.  Overcomers are identified by their humble nature, they are saddened by what saddens God’s heart.  While they could easily put to shame and humiliate others who haven’t achieved their level of spirituality they prefer to exercise meekness and let those who oppose them save face.  The overcomer longs for God’s righteousness and groans when he sees man’s unjust and evil behavior. The overcomer is full of mercy and is not judgmental and harsh in his dealings with others.  The overcomer has clear intentions and has no duplicity at all.  The over comer is willing to fight for the truth so that there can be a solid basis for true peace.  Finally the nature of the overcomer is one of steadfastness in the face of persecution, since persecution always seems to find the overcomer.

World overcomers as the salt of the earth and the light of the world

In the next section of the Sermon on the mount which we may correctly call the decree of the constitution of the Kingdom of heaven, we learn of the influence that world overcomers exercise over their surroundings.  Like salt the overcomer is an agent of preservation against corruption.  Like salt he gives flavor to life.  Like salt the overcomer provokes thirst.  Like salt in days of old the overcomer is a valuable thing. Refined salt was very hard to come by in those days and usually was mixed with sand and other impurities. They are truly “worth their salt”!  World overcomers also attract attention like a bright light on a dark night.  Like light, all eyes are on the overcomers.  The overcomer becomes a beacon, a guiding light, a defining reality that reveals the true nature of what was formerly hidden in darkness.

Next in the remaining portion of Matthew 5 (verses 17-48) we can learn of the world overcomers and their heart commitment to God’s law; not as a means to salvation but as a heartfelt reaction to God’s good will.

In the first eighteen verses of chapter six we read of the acts of righteousness of world overcomers.  In verses 19-34 we get an insight of the overcomers attitude toward material riches.

In the first twelve verses of chapter seven we get an idea of how world overcomers treat others, their brothers and their enemies.  And in the last section of chapter seven verses 13-29 we see the basis of the life and work of the overcomer with a view to the kingdom.  It all rests on doing the will of the Father.

In summary the center of God’s heart and will is to fill the earth, the place of banishment of Satan and his demonic followers, with men: creatures who in their own right are vastly inferior to Satan, yet when in relationship with God are capable of further banishing the evil one to the lowest places of humiliation while at the same time declaring the glory of God through their lives and examples.  These we call world overcomers!  And in “that day” when Christ returns to set up His geopolitical reign of one-thousand years, all of creation will testify to the tremendous glory of a rule unhindered by Satan’s meddling.

Only those men and women who have heeded the prophetic warnings of Christ through the Apostle John in the letters to the seven Churches, those who have remembered from whence they had fallen, and have repented, and have done the first works, those who have held fast to that which they had already attained until He comes, those who have washed their garments, so that they may be clean and purchased ointment so they may see, and those who have overcome, and kept His works unto the end, only to them will He give power over the nations.  This is the adorned bride that will be presented to the universe!  What a wondrous time to be alive that will be.

The recognition of these truths concerning world overcomers serve as an added motiviation to pay the price of holiness without which no Cristian will be qualifed as an overcomer. It is in holiness that the people of God will be qualified to reign with Christ as overcomers and enjoy the privileges of the ultimate ruling class.

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