Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

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why-should-I-be-goodWhy should I be good?

I am going to start this blog off by talking about a book I recently wrote called Why should I be good? Salvation is free! It is available on amazon.com as a Kindle book.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why should I be good?

Salvation is free! Why should I be holy? Salvation is by grace? Then this book: Why should I be good? Salvation is free!  Strong motivation to be better than just saved is for you!   If you believe that salvation can be lost, you owe it to yourself to know what the dividing line is between being one sin short of hell and one sin long of heaven.  Which side of the line are you on?
This book reveals how the idea of losing salvation is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible.  It shows how some Biblical passages that refer to Christian rewards and punishment are often misinterpreted as referring to salvation and damnation.  It also shows that even if you refuse to believe the position that salvation cannot be lost you will have to admit that to be consistent with your interpretation it would be almost impossible to both be saved and retain your salvation.
If you believe that salvation can’t be lost then you must answer these questions: Why should I be good? Isn’t salvation free? Isn’t salvation by grace? Why should I be holy? Bad, or carnal Christians get to heaven just as those who have sacrificed a life of pleasure don’t they?  Why should I try so hard?
Most Christians aren’t very clear about the basis of their salvation. Are you? Are you good enough and holy enough to be saved?  Are you good enough to keep your salvation?
The purpose of this book is by no means to promote laxity in the Christian life but to reveal added motivation to make something out of your life with Christ! After all, God is so good! He is so faithful! Christian service and good works are not a means to salvation!
Many Christians have the mistaken idea that their behavior, their goodness or holiness is somehow tied to their salvation.  There is a need for Christians to be good and to be holy!  But the motive should not be salvation or preserving salvation!  Salvation is free!  Salvation is received by grace through faith and not by good works.
I believe that every true Christian desires to be good, holy and just. The problem is that most just don’t know how to get there and some are doubtful that it is possible, while others wonder what difference it makes.
Why should I be good? Salvation is free! Discusses what will happen to Christians who have no good works when Christ returns at the rapture in the end times. The book is an apologetic for Christian holiness and an encouragement to be better than just saved.
Why should I be good? Salvation is free! Discusses the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew when He speaks of the kingdom of heaven and the rapture. The book of Matthew is the kingdom gospel and treats the matter of the kingdom of heaven in a very distinct manner.
The concept of the overcomers is introduced in “Why should I be good, salvation is free” and Jesus Himself teaches that the difference between those who are “just saved” and the “overcomers” is that the latter will inherit the kingdom of heaven as a reward.  Part of this reward is being included in the rapture as the period of the great tribulation and the events of the end times begin to intensify.
After reading “Why should I be good, salvation is free” you will have a much clearer vision of God’s purpose for your life, the meaning of the kingdom of heaven, the purpose of the end times, the rapture and a new understanding of the fascinating book of Matthew.
In the last chapter of Why should I be good, salvation is free, the parables of book of Matthew and how they speak of the kingdom of heaven, the end times, and the rapture and the role that Christians who have been good will play in these events is explained.
By the end of the book there will be no doubt in your mind that if you have been born again, your salvation is sure and you will have plenty of motivation for developing a life of spiritual fruit and holiness.  Not to be just saved but to be qualified to reign with Christ.

Pretty much everyone agrees that holiness is a commandment.  But Christians disobey commandments of God all the time.  Here are some examples that I would think would undermine our holiness:
Divorce, God hates it!
Abortion, just another name for murder
Worry, very offensive sin against God’s power and ability

This list could go on and on and a life of holiness would of course include everything on the list.  The question remains: Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

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