Why are we here? The purpose of God in creating man

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why-are-we-hereWhy are we here?

Why are we here? This is not a difficult question to answer. This post is a continuation of the post for Jan. 5, “God’s will: Biblical clues to what it is”.

Once man was created, the language in the text emphasizes the fact that he was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26, 27).  In verse 26, after God stated that He would create man in His image, and likeness, He said that he would have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

I suggest that this verse is fundamental in understanding God’s central purpose and the center of His will and heart. Genesis is a book of beginnings and presents many Bible themes in seed form. What all is included here?  Fish, birds and every creeping thing consist of one distinct category, cattle, another, and “all the earth” yet another.  Man’s dominion over cattle is easily understood. This speaks of man’s rule over domestic animals.  Man’s dominion over all the earth speaks of his ability to use the earth to his own advantage.  But what of man’s dominion over fish, fowl and creeping things or reptiles?  Man has never been able to domesticate fish.  Granted, some birds are kept as pets but in general man does not have dominion over birds and even less so, over creeping things like snakes and other reptiles.  It would not make sense then for these creatures to be interpreted as just animals.

Satan and his demons are sometimes represented by birds and serpents and so this passage only makes sense if we interpret it as stating that part of God’s purpose in creating man beyond having the image and likeness of God is to also have dominion over Satan and his demonic spirits.

Why are we here? It is a matter of representation

In verse 28 after blessing him, God spoke His first recorded words to man which came in the form of a command: “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.”  This was God’s original revelation to man: a two-fold command; fill the earth and subdue it. Why are we here? The answer is to represent God and usher in His order and rule.

Why are we here? It is a matter of reconquest

Now let’s just stop at that point for a minute.  What has transpired so far in the first chapter of God’s revelation to man?  We learn that God created the universe and the earth but the universe isn’t the center of attention, nor is the earth just a small part of the universe, it is the location where God has focused His attention.  God created man in His own image and likeness, blessed him, told him to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.  We know that previously Satan was cast to earth and apparently made a mess out of it since at one point it became without form and void.  This is important because the second part of God’s first words and command to man was to subdue the earth.  Now to subdue something there necessarily needs to be the possibility of resistance.

When God detailed how the earth would be subdued He explained that man would have dominion over the fish of the sea, birds of the air and creeping things.  As mentioned before these types of animals live in relative independence on the earth.  For the most part mankind doesn’t have dominion over these classes of animals.  For this reason it is correct to conclude that it is an allusion to classes of evil spirits that inhabited the earth prior to the creation of man.  From these details we can begin to put together God’s purposes for the earth and His purpose for man in having His image and likeness. Why are we here? The answer is to resist the evil one and displace his influence.

At one point after Satan and one third of the angels rebelled and were cast to the earth, the Lord put order to the chaos that came about with the presence of these rebellious spirit beings.  But besides restoring the order the Lord determined to do something more about Satan and his rebellious followers on the earth.  God is the ultimate winner!  He began to put a plan into place in order to hand Satan an even greater defeat than expelling him from heaven and banishing him to earth.  He would create man, a creature that had His image and likeness and through this created being called man, would eventually judge Satan and his forces and banish them to an even more humiliating state: the pit and the lake of fire.  God’s brilliance in this plan is that He wouldn’t even do this directly but through a creature that has no inherit spiritual power of his own, a race of creatures completely dependent on God’s power in order to defeat Satan and his forces.

Therefore God would magnify His glory, through Satan’s rebellion, by giving occasion for Him to create Man as His agent of revenge in answer to the rebellion of the devil and his minions. The manner in which this is to be done is by God through man and his exercise of prayer.

In the next couple of posts, I plan to present a possible scenario (based on scriptural evidence) of clues that God has left for us to discover His specific master purpose for creating man to answer the ultimate question: Why are we here?

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