What the Church is not must be understood as well as what it is!

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what the church is notWhat the church is not. . .

Surprisingly, the New Testament speaks much more about fellowship than evangelism. Normally, people decide whether to join a church or not depending on the welcome that they receive. Most people will not stay in a church that provides no friendships. Christianity is, above all, about relationships and friendship is the largest bridge for evangelism. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of people (almost 80%) come to Christ because of a family relationship or friendship. The bible refers to the church in very explicit and definite terms; however, what the church is not is too often passed off as a legitimate and biblical concept of the church. In order to get things straight, let us examine just what the church is not.

Renew your concept of church

After a while, we lose the freshness of community life. Even when the church has a small group ministry, it can become just another program. If the church loses the distinction of a community of fellowship, very little remains and what God intends to be a blessing to us ends up being “sand in our eyes”, painful, unpleasant and irritating.

What the Church is not. . .

The Church is not a club, where everyone pays their dues, and comes and goes as they please. Some still think that tithes are the contribution of a club. We should contribute to advance the kingdom of God and not to have some kind of personal benefit as of a club member.
The Church is not a shelter for Christians, where each member seeks his own little corner and serves his self-interests. We are not here to do our own will, but the will of Him who calls us out of darkness into his marvelous light. The Church does not exist primarily for us; rather God has called us to take part in the church to fulfill the purposes of God.

The Church is not a spiritual service provider, of which the members are merely customer hoping to have their needs met. Many regard the Church as a spiritual service provider, which they may seek, whenever they want, a strong ministry, interesting teaching, classes appropriate for their children, a pleasant environment, and so on. When, for some reason, the services of the Church fall in quality, these consumers go looking for another, more efficient spiritual shopping center. Members thus have no alliance with the body. God’s desire is that we remain in the church, or return if necessary, to establish and renew alliances with each member of the Church.

The Church is not an event where we are only spectators. For some, the Church is nothing more than spiritual entertainment. They enjoy the music, the preaching and the environment, but still do not understand the reality of spiritual worship that results in a living sacrifice in God’s presence. The church is a family, where we have one Father, an older brother and all other brothers and sisters some older, some younger and some of the same age.

The Church is not a hospital, where a multitude of sick, injured and diseased people hang out needing constant emergency room care. The Church is not a place of sickbeds, medicine racks and x-ray machines. The Bible nowhere teaches anything remote even though we know that many times it is filled with physically and spiritually infirm people. The church is not a home for sick people although it is a place of healing. Yes, there are sick people in the church! There are many kinds of people in the church, even insane people but we cannot correctly say that the church is a spiritual insane asylum, even though we might feel like doing so.

Knowing what the church is not is foundational before we consider what the churh is.

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