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Vinebrancher is a pastoral and bible study blog created by Rick Spinos. Born and raised in a small denomination called the Apostolic Christian Church founded by Samuel H. Froehlich from Switzerland in the 1800’s.

Rick was baptized at the age of 14 in Phoenix Arizona. In December of 1983, he was sent as a missionary to Brazil to work with an organization called Project Amazon. He worked in a boat factory as manager and factory supervisor and oversaw the construction of over 40 houseboats, 1 yacht, and a Catamaran Hospital boat for church planting use along the Amazon River.

Rick married his wife Sandra a Brazilian national in July of 1985 and together they assumed the pastorate of one of the Project Amazon churches in 1988.  In 1990, Rick and Sandra were sent as church planters to the state of Amapá, where they planted three churches for Project Amazon.

In 2008, they affiliated themselves with the Vine International and the last church that they planted became one of the Churches under the care of this organization.

In December of 2009, they were invited to join the Vine Florida, a church planting mission endeavor in Southern Florida.  They accepted the invitation and turned the last church in Brazil over to the Brazilian Nationals in March of 2010.

In October of 2011, they moved to Southern Florida.  Their family is bilingual and they have recently located to the Seattle area in North Western Washington State where they have been working with the Vine International in a local church called the Vine Seattle with services in Portuguese.

The Vine Ministry info site:

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I was born into a Christian family and as a small child was taught that I was a sinner and needed to develop my own spiritual life.  On December 31, 1973, I was moved by an evangelistic sermon that spoke to me that I was not ready for the Lord’s return.  I was too nervous to go forward for the altar call so I left the building weeping and went outside to the car.  In less than a minute, my father got in the car and led me in a prayer and I became born again right then and there.  As a young teenager with the encouragement of my father, I developed healthy Bible reading and study habits. Soon I began teaching Sunday school and became the youth group leader.

I soon discovered that my spiritual gift was in the area of teaching.

In Brazil, I have written extensively in the Portuguese language in the area of Christian worker training.  I have written Bible study guides, evangelistic tracts, and hundreds of small group lesson guides.  From June 2009-2010 my wife and I hosted a highly successful Christian radio program called “Overcomers on the air”.

Aside from pastoral work with the Vine International, I have been involved in freelance activities since I arrived in the U.S. at the end of 2011.  I have written several articles for small e-zines and I maintain a Facebook page with over 1,800 fans called “Why be Holy if Salvation is by Grace?” http://www.facebook.com/why.be.holy where I has posted hundreds of short, pithy phrases and where I have published several articles in the notes section and have recently started this WordPress blog called “vinebrancher” https://vinebrancher.com

My main motive for all of these activities is to encourage all English speaking Christians to be open to learning how they can be more fruitful and to recognize that the fruitfulness of each Christian will be meticulously examined at the Judgment seat of Christ.

I believe that no Christian is in danger of losing his salvation but many Christians are in danger of losing God’s best for their life both here on the earth as well as in the Kingdom Age, which will come prior to the Eternal state of Heaven.

If you believe that salvation can be lost then you better know what the dividing line is between being one sin short of hell or one sin long of heaven. Which side of the line are you on? If you believe that salvation can’t be lost then why be holy?

Most Christians are not very clear about the basis of their salvation. Are you? Are you holy enough to be saved?  The purpose of this blog is not to promote laxity in the Christian life but to show the need for holiness, which is not for salvation but is a practical way to show our love for the Lord, for the disciples that we are making for Him in obedience to the great commission, for reward, and to escape discipline.

I invite you to read the posts of this blog and participate in the discussion both here in the post comments and replies as well as on my page https://www.facebook.com/why.be.holy? and the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whybeholy/.

Take a look at my author page at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Richard-Lee-Spinos/e/B00A911TZK


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