Strongholds of the mind

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strongholds of the mindSpiritual strongholds of the mind

When the Bible talks about spiritual warfare, it uses the imagery of mental battlefields and strongholds of the mind. The main battlefield of spiritual warfare is the human mind and each area of defeat corresponds to the foundation on which Satan internally constructs strongholds in our lives. Normally these evil strongholds lodge themselves in our thoughts and manifest themselves through various mentalities.

One of the literal definitions of these spiritual “strongholds” of the mind is “A spiritual building constructed by thoughts established through successive arguments, which give shelter to evil spirits of a corresponding nature”.

The enemy builds his spiritual strongholds with mental walls of thought and mentalities that he erects on top of feelings of failure, impotency and desperation that come upon us as consequences of the sins that we have committed. This occurs when we permit arguments that base themselves on the inability to avoid what we clearly know is against God’s will to remain in our minds.

Each time that we unsuccessfully face temptation, we lower our guard, successively removing each part of our spiritual armor and allowing sin to enter our lives. Eventually we become defenseless, like a city without walls before what appears to be a solid and irresistible effort of the enemy in infiltrating our mind.

Because of this, some Christians lead a traumatized sentimental life, progressively breaking principles and wounding relationships; others suffocating their financial lives by multiplying debts, committing fraud and suffering loss; still others fail in marriage due to hidden adultery or unresolved sexual problems.

In other words, each time that similar types of temptation confront these people, they yield to it and the temptation becomes stronger and stronger, building up a spiritual conditioning that develops into sinful bonds, chains and spiritual captivity. Again, the definition of a spiritual fortress of the mind is a deep spiritual state of despair and unbelief in which the infected person sustains arguments that he or she knows are clearly contrary to the known will of God. When this happens, an existential crisis begins to establish itself between knowledge and life and knowledge and practice, or in other words, an inability to add faith and obedience to the truth. The only thing that remains is a deep sensation of intense spiritual inferiority and depression, which causes the person to tolerate defeat. We must teach those who struggle in these areas that they can and must overcome these feelings!

The source of pain – the principle of healing

The source of pain is precisely that situation that has deeply wounded our memory, which we recall with anguishing shame, and at the same time, with indescribable anger or indifference. This origin of pain corresponds to an extremely sensitive area of our psyche, where we do not want anyone to draw near. This is the deepest point of the cycle of chronic reproof.

We try to protect ourselves in every way and from all people, even from God. However, God desires to touch us precisely at the point where we do not want anybody to reach. This is where the healing must occur. The principle in play and the possibility of healing, reside at the source of the pain. Without exposing the source of the pain, repentance or a change of thinking and challenge to spiritual strongholds of the mind that imprison the person, become impossible.

The great redemptive strike against shame and guilt is simply to expose them through confession to people who have a divine anointing to pray for us. Confession, reconciliation and restitution accompany all repentance and genuine desire for change.

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