Five barriers to a closer relationship with God

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relationship-with-GodA relationship with God is a privilege!

However some people needlessly miss out on the opportunity of having a healthy relationship with God. Some people think that a relationship with God is an illusion, something that cannot happen. Some people try to think up logical explanations for why not even Christians can ever hope to have a close relationship with God.

The truth is that everyone can and should have a vital encounter with the Lord that develops into a closer relationship with God. The Bible says that everyone needs God, but there are some basic barriers that get in the way of a closer relationship with God. We will now examine some ways in which this can happen and how we can eliminate these barriers.

A passive mind

Possessing a passive mind can hinder having a relationship with God. But what causes a passive mind?

An un-renewed mind

The New Testament teaches us that we should be transformed by renewing our mind with the truth of the Word of God. A mind that has not been renewed provides much territory for the operations of the devil. Satan does his best to try to keep us in ignorance thus preventing the possibility that we may seek renewal.

Wrongly interpreting the truth of the Word of God

Christians often misinterpret the truth of the Word of God when they consider the things that Satan does in their lives such as provoke problems at work, health problems, financial problems and problems in their relationships as normal. When we interpret these things by the dictates of the enemy we are yielding precious ground in our thinking.

Satan always acts out of our ignorance and seeks to distort the Word of God; as a result our relationship with God is hindered and often falls into regression.

By accepting demonic suggestions

Satanic suggestions sometimes come in the form of thoughts and it is up to us to correctly identify their source and reject them.

Satan plants ideas in our mind and then observes our reaction to them. If he perceives that we tolerate or even accept them, then he advances in his evil plans to undermine our relationship with God.

As a result, we have and we experience, that what we believe and accept

An empty mind

An empty mind cannot think since there are not thoughts to ponder on, and is at the mercy of the devil who will actively act to take it over by injecting his own miserable thoughts.

We must exercise our own mind and recognize that God gave us a mind to use rather than yielding it to the devil or to someone else.

The old saying is accurate that affirms that an empty mind is the workplace of the devil.

The consequent of all these things is a passive mind. A passive mind waits for external information to activate it. Passivity is the failure to take up a position on our own acting upon external information. All of our thoughts should pass through the filter of the truth of the Bible through an active mind. A closer relationship with God demands the active use of our mind, just as a relationship with any person would.


Even though we have already been forgiven by the Lord it is not always easy to accept this forgiveness completely and have the grace to forgive ourselves. Many people feel accused even after God has forgiven them their sins.

The Bible says in 1 John 1:9 that God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us of all ungodliness.

Therefore believe in God’s Word and rest upon its truth. Remember: confessed sin is forgiven sin! A closer relationship with God cannot thrive in the presence of feelings of guilt and accusation.  It is not God who accuses but the enemy!

A heart far from God

Some people are not able to experience a closer relationship with God because they spend all their time thinking about the things that they would have to abandon.

The truth is that their hearts are cold towards God, because there are attracted to the things of the world; this is a barrier in their mind, a barrier on their part that will never allow them to enjoy a closer relationship with God. Such hearts must deny this coldness and prefer God and allow Him to touch them.

The Bible says: do not love the world neither the things that are in the world. If someone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15.

We must recognize that this world and all that is in it will someday come to an end, because the world is already condemned by God, and the devil is the prince of this world. In the same way, everything that is attracted to the world will also perish together with it.

But those who have a relationship with God will be with Him forever!

A mistaken idea of God

Many people believe that is very difficult to maintain a relationship with God, because they believe that God is overly demanding and difficult to please.

Others believe that God is unloving and indifferent, always angry with them.

This is a lie! God loves us all. He does hate sin; therefore, He will not allow any of us to remain living in sin! The reason is because His greatest desire is to live inside of us. He not only wants to have a relationship with us but He wants to be our best friend, and wants to be close to us. If you run to Him, He will run to you. A lack of relationship with God is almost always due to a mistaken idea of God.


Indifference is the lack of desire for a certain thing.  Jeremiah 29:13 says: And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

Many people never attain a closer relationship with God and don’t get to know Him because they don’t seek Him and with enough interest.

There are some ways that we can show our interest in having a closer relationship with God such as crying out to Him, applauding Him, extending our hands to Him, prostrating ourselves on the ground, confessing our sins and confessing the Word of God by appropriating it in our own lives.

Jacob wrestled with God all night long. Many struggle for 10 minutes, others for an hour, but few are prepared to seek God all night long as Jacob did in Genesis 32:24

It is not difficult to spend two or more hours watching a movie that you’re interested in. But if you find it difficult to spend a few hours or more seeking His presence then you may never succeed in developing a closer relationship with God.

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