Purpose of life – If God has a central purpose what is it?

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purpose of lifeWhat is the purpose of Life? What do you think?

Purpose of life, not our choice. Here is a recent conversation that I had with a friend way back from my teen years in the Northwestern U.S.A. On my facebook page Why be holy if salvation is by Grace?

I posted the following phrase:

You can choose your carrier, profession, favorite sport, spouse, city of residence, skills and a whole lot of other things, but you can’t choose your purpose of life. Only God determines purpose of life.  Make sure what you do this year will get you closer to the fulfillment of your purpose.  By the way next week 2013 will be 2% gone.

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Most people, even most Christians are like this turkey, they think it is up to them to decide what the purpose of life is.

The purpose of life revealed!

In Proverbs 25:2 Solomon declared that It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  The Bible labels the Church as a nation of kings and priests two times in the first part of Revelation, once by the apostle John and a second time by the twenty-four elders.  The Lord Jesus is the King of kings, because He is our king and we are called to be kings to reign with Him.  There are a number of truths in God’s Word that seem to periodically “disappear” from the attention of the majority of Christians. Luther was the first man after centuries of church history to “rediscover” grace. Years later the principle of the priesthood of the believer was rediscovered.  None of these truths have ever been absent from the written Word, but possible for several reasons, the Lord seems to periodically allow certain truths to be overlooked, only to raise up someone to re-discover these precious nuggets of truth at a later point in time.  So this is the nature of God’s glory to conceal precious truths, and it is the honor of kings (the overcomers) to search out these matters.
One of these matters which seems to have been forgotten and has somehow slipped out of  the collective mind of modern Christianity is the knowledge of God’s central goal in creating the universe, the earth and man.  Or in other words: What is central to God’s heart and will?  I asked this question on my Facebook page “Why be holy if salvation is by Grace?” and invited several pastors and Bible teacher types to answer the question.  Judging by the amount of members on the page and the amount of members who answered the question, the great majority decided not to even try to answer the question.  Here is a breakdown of those who replied: As of the date of this publication 316 people answered the following survey question:
In five words or less complete this sentence: God’s central purpose is . . . .
Forty-five different answers were given.  Here are the top five:

  • To have a relationship with us – 127 votes
  • To glorify Himself – 30 votes
  • To redeem man through His Son – 24 votes
  • Whatever pleases God – 16 votes
  • To be worshiped by us – 14 votes

Most of the members of the aforementioned page identify themselves as Bible believing Christians, a few are self-avowed atheists and the rest are probably just curious onlookers.  From these results then it is reasonable to conclude that most people even among those who claim to be Christians, are not clear on what God’s central purpose is. These results should be disturbing because if a reasonable sampling of “God’s people” are not clear about what His central plan and goal and His fundamental desire in the whole of creation is, then His good, perfect and agreeable will not be experienced by His people, and this will result in the misunderstanding of His character and intentions and the fulfillment of His wonderful plans will be delayed.

So what do you think the purpose of life is?

One Response to “Purpose of life – If God has a central purpose what is it?”

  1. Liam says:

    Yahs purpose is that we worship HIM in spirit and in Truth John:4:23 and 24 His will and pleasure for is found in Psalm:40:8 that is for Us to obey His Torah that we become the Bride the 144,000 and so it will be the the fulfillment of all things Acts:3:21 and this will also be accomplished by bring the two house together Ezekiel:37 and 38. The Church is Not a Nation of King and Priest that is the Bride/the 144,000 see Revelation 21:11-15 as this verse speaks of the New city of Yahushaylim , it means Yahuahs city of Peace , there are 12 gates with the Names of the 12 tribes of Yisrael on eah gate there is NO Gate for the Church, and the Church does no replace Israel that is a doctrine of demons a false teaching and of man and its rubbish, Yisreal Obeys the Torah, keeps the feast of Leviticus , keeps the food laws, uses the True Name not the phony lie and made up name by men of Jesus a false name and big lie Acts:4:12 Yisrael also keeps and guards the 7th day Shabbat and does not celebrate the Pagan days like Christmas / Easter/ Valentines/ Halloween / Birthdays / New Years and St Patricks day but True Yisrael is the Bride and the 144,000 they Keep the Commandments and the Testimony of Yahushua the Son its doing both as we long for the two houses to come together. its not being Christian, not Jewish , not of Religion but being in a Covenant relatesonship with HIm and the Son in a personal way, its the faith of the ancients and in the order of Melch-Zedik.

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