The prison of emotional trauma

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Prison of emotional trauma

Emotional trauma in the life of God’s people invariably weakens the personality while at the same time compromises the formation of character. I will be more specific by saying that the deeper the trauma, the greater the hypersensitivity, withdrawal and vulnerability. This is tragic because God has given his people ample provision to live in freedom and victory and the strength and stamina to run through enemy lines on the spiritual battlefield of life. God wants to keep us free from all prisons including the prison of emotional trauma.

Unfortunately however, emotional trauma is a common symptom among God’s people. This sequence establishes a strategy of attack in which Satan casts us into an emotional abyss, a prison of emotional trauma. This “spiral of reproof” pulls us in to this emotional prison, with the strength of a tornado.

Cellmates in the prison of emotional trauma


Whenever we sustain a wound on part of our body, any touch or nudge no matter how slight can be extremely painful. Just as we become hypersensitive when we suffer repeated physical blows on the same part of the body, we become emotionally hypersensitive when we suffer repeated rejection or other emotional hurts. This chronic emotional hypersensitivity then becomes part of our personality thus locking us away in a prison of emotional trauma. This hypersensitivity affects our relationships and causes us to become unstable. It also creates an imbalance in our humor and temperament, making it hard for others to get along with us.

Some people are so hypersensitive that it becomes necessary to go through an Olympics level gymnastic routine in order to draw closer to address their problem. They may drastically misinterpret well-intended correction as rejection and aggression. The resulting hypersensitivity may then spiritually compromise the person even more, throwing them into a greater level of withdrawal, which only worsens the situation and makes it even more dangerous.


Withdrawal casts a person in a behavioral prison where the wound becomes the center of life. You know how this works: when someone threatens to touch the “wound on top of the wound that is already wounded”, the tendency is to withdraw abruptly, to flee, step away, or isolate oneself from the possibility of touching the already painful wound. The natural tendency is to withdraw.

It might surprise you, but emotional pain is even more scathing than physical pain. The rejected person begins to withdraw in isolation and relationships become superficial. The preponderant objective is to prevent anyone from getting close. Some people swear to themselves that no one will be able to get close enough to them to hurt them again.

The fear of being hurt, the terror of a new rejection, the shame of trauma and guilt, end up leading the person into darkness, concealment of sins and spiritual isolation. Many people become spiritually imprisoned because of sexual abuse, the practice of abortion, attempted suicide, adultery, homosexual practices, pornography, homicide and other such tragedies. Many people conclude that the best option is to hide and conceal these types of situations.

One of the worst types of the occult is “Christian occult”, the belief that it is better to cover up our sins and shame. The problem is that Satan reigns in the realm of the occult. He is the Prince of darkness. Every sin and trauma that we fail to submit to the light comes under the power of cruel demonic exploitation. Therefore, at the same time that withdrawal brings a certain “emotional comfort”, it also imposes a terrible vulnerability. This can easily become Satan’s favorite point of attack whenever he decides to torment us.


Trauma, by definition becomes an ever-increasing point of weakness. It becomes a progressively easier target for Satan to hit the bull’s-eye! Upon examining many people’s life story, we can perceive repeated blows that follow the same pattern of attack. We perceive that there are always areas that have been heavily persecuted and repeatedly pummeled. Some people have suffered racial discrimination very early in life. Others have suffered sexual abuse and immorality; others have been abandoned and betrayed. From time to time, different people and situations inflict more of the same aggression, which deepens the wounds even more.

In spiritual battle, trauma follows a routine direction of attack. It is like a boxing match. After one of the fighters is able to cut the eyebrow of his opponent, he begins pummeling him on top of the wound. A few more blows on top of the same wound, and the opponent is summarily knocked out. He becomes vulnerable! This is exactly the same dynamic that occurs in spiritual warfare; however, God’s purpose and desire is that his people inflict the damage against Satan and his hosts, not the other way around.

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