Here today gone tomorrow – Psalm 125

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here today gone tomorrowHere today gone tomorrow! -Psalm 125

“Here today gone tomorrow”, without a doubt you have heard this adage at one point in your life. This has become the norm for fashion, music groups, small businesses and recently large corporations like “Borders”.  It is also true of most people and their careers, family, and even churches.  Here today gone tomorrow is definitely not a proper catch phrase for the people of God.  The correct description for the man and woman of God should be something like “Here today, here tomorrow . . . and the next day and the next, etc. etc.”

God inspired the writer of  Psalm 125 to compare those who place their trust in the Lord to mount Zion, which cannot be moved and abides forever.  Is that something that describes the Christians that you know?  Does that describe your life’s story? Are you here today gone tomorrow or here today, here to stay?

A good number of things in life remain for long periods of time.  Most things however pop up and disappear quite rapidly.  People move around the country, the world, change jobs, change spouse, change carriers, it seems like most things in life are in a constant flux.

Few things seem as long lasting as a mountain.  Here the Holy Spirit of God thought it necessary to compare those people who place their trust and confidence in the Lord with a mountain.  Mount Zion, the mountain of God.  The mountain upon which sits the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a city that has been around for thousands of years.  It has a tumultuous history but it is still with us.  Scripture records that it will continue to be with us through to the end of the Millennium and God will eventually replace it with a celestial version.

Those who trust in the Lord have been compared not only to the city of Jerusalem which has endured the best and greatest attempts of destruction that mankind can possibly produce but to the very mountain upon which she sits.

Those who trust in the Lord are here to stay!  They are what they are and need on re-invention.  This does not mean that these servants of the most High have never been mistaken, that they have never erred.  One of the characteristics of those who truly trust in the Lord is in the midst of their false starts, their failings, their disappointments and even heartbreaks; they recognize that in the midst of their frailty, disillusion and even stark incompetence, they are under the hand of God and in His oversight.  They stay the course as difficult as it may be.  They submit their lot to the Lord and He eventually establishes them and grants them a wider perspective.

Those how trust in the Lord will still be standing firm while the multitudes are here today making a lot of noise but to no avail because by tomorrow they will have passed away only to give way to another crop of meadow flowers that bloom for a short season and dry up as fast as they bloomed.

The man who trusts in the Lord will remain standing and the Lord will still be encamped around him like mount Zion, the mountains around Jerusalem.

One of the greatest glories of man is to remain unmoved and for the Lord to encompass round about him all his days.  This is the heritage and the inheritance of those who trust in the Lord.  They are by no means here today gone tomorrow.

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