Gratitude and prosperity

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Gratitude and prosperity and the poverty of ingratitude

gratitude and prosperityIngratitude acts as a thermometer that measures our spiritual health. The lack of gratitude in our lives indicates the presence of areas of our heart that we have subjected to the evil one and have neglected to deal with responsibly.

Gratitude is the quality that establishes the precise dividing line between emotional prosperity and health and the poverty of misery. The Bible speaks of the poor in multiple passages. God made the poor, but God never made anyone poor. Ungratefulness causes a person to become spiritually and emotionally poor and miserable! In like manner, the misery of the ingratitude of the rich can become terribly worse than the poverty of the poor.

Gratitude or thankfulness is one of the greatest secrets of prosperity. All those who ungratefully murmur and complain have made a U-turn on the road that leads to prosperity and have begun a race down the opposite highway to spiritual, emotional and eventually material poverty. Many people cast themselves into misery and ruin because they repay good with evil, blessing with cursing and spit in the plate from which they eat. They act in bald-faced ungratefulness. This is one of the worse symptoms defining a life of reproof.

Almost all of us can think of people in our lives who we usually have to “carry on our backs” figuratively speaking. They are weak and dependent individuals who have learned to use their disadvantages to manipulate others. They are always in need of something causing us to feel obligated to redouble our efforts to meet their needs in goodwill. However, if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we cannot help them, they reveal their ingratitude by vomiting phrases such as, “You never help me! You always let me down!”

People cast themselves into all kinds of misery including financial and material poverty because of ungratefulness and betrayal. I remember several occasions when I lived in Brazil where young boys and teenagers who wandered about the parking lots of the city center asked shoppers for money in exchange for keeping an eye on their cars while they shopped. Several times when I would return to my car, the boys who allegedly watched it for me even though I did not solicit them to do so, would hold out their hand to receive “payment”. Whenever I would attempt to give them a few coins they would angrily complain and indignantly question me, “Is that all!”

Several times this left me indignant and instinctively I would snatch the money out of their hands telling them that if they had no use for it, I did! I began to understand how ungratefulness gives place to the spirit of misery. Many people destroy their own lives through ungratefulness and afterward want to destroy the lives of others with their criticism. All ungrateful people become critical people and every critical person becomes ungrateful as well. The truth is that whenever God reproves a person through the circumstances of life, eventually, that person will manifest this through murmuring and criticism. Irresponsible criticism is the vomit of ungratefulness.

All ungrateful people are blind to the good that they have received. They are unable to perceive the effort that others put forth to bless them. The truth is that ungratefulness transforms a person into a “bottomless pit” of need. Nothing is enough for them and that is why they are always dissatisfied.

Whenever a person’s emphasis is more critical than motivational, it is a symptom of the pain of inner hurt caused by reproof. The person sees no solution, only problems. Such people turn their focus onto themselves, thus when they focus on the problems and deficiencies of those around them with whom they live, they make a spiritual diagnosis and conclude that they are correct and the others are at fault and in need of reproof.

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