God of Money (Mammon)

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The God of Money – Mammon and His promises

It is necessary to come to grips with the concept that Satan has placed an evil spirit, the god of money called Mammon, to rule man through riches and through him seeks to govern people’s lives in the area of money, finance and material wealth. This spirit desires to rule over our lives. That is why Jesus said that we cannot serve God and the god of money (Mammon).

This god of money seeks out servants.

Satan’s objective is that the god of money occupy God’s place. Mammon promises us only what God can deliver: security, significance, identity, independence, power and freedom. Let’s take a brief look at the meaning of each one of these false promises.

In the first place, who is the source of your security? Those who serve the god of money feel completely insecure and unprotected if they lose their job or run out of money. They are unable to simply believe in God’s care for them. They live in anxiety and worry about tomorrow because God has not yet become their security. Mammon is a cruel God that torments his worshipers.

The second promise of Mammon, the god of money is significance. Are you one of those people who believe that the value of a person is in his bank account? Such are the servants of the god of money. If they have money, they feel as if they possess value and meaning, if they run out of money, their self-esteem runs out with it. Have you ever noticed how the sense of humor of some people diminishes as the month wears on? The less money they have, the more their good humor deteriorates. This is the thinking of Mammon: “you are what you have”. The god of money says that if you had more money, people would listen to you. If you had more money, your relationship problems would be solved and your life would be marvelous.

The god of money has also entered our churches. He has convinced many Christians that if they had more money they could really help people out. This is a lie. Jesus never said that the solution to people’s problems is more money. Money is not the solution, God is. This lie has ensnared many servants of God, who think that they cannot do more in God’s kingdom because they don’t have money. This is a lie! We need God, and God alone! All resources proceed from Him.

The god of money is constantly presenting us with once-in-a-lifetime business propositions. He is the one that whispers in your ear “just think of all the good things you can do for others if you were a millionaire.” This line of thinking is a lie of the enemy and from the pit of hell. God does not need money to help people. You should force that phrase into your spirit until you are convinced that you can do all things through God who strengthens you, with money or without it. When we think that problems can be solved with more money it is because we are under the influence of this money god called Mammon.

The third thing that the god of money tries to give us as if he were God, is an identity, a name, a well-known and famous and influential name. When we talk, we want others to listen and pay attention. We love to have position, status, fame or power. All these things come from Mammon. Who are you? What is your name? Are you someone important? Mammon says that if we drive the right car, live in the right neighborhood, have the right title before our name and if we are friends with the right people, then we will be happy and fulfilled.

The fourth promise of the god of money is independence. If you skim through any book about finances from the worldly viewpoint you will see that independence is the goal. People want to make money to feel that they don’t need anyone or depend on anyone and thus they will not no longer feel anxious or worried. But it is only when we are dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit that we truly become independent of enslavement to others.

Mammon also offers power. People dream about having a position that bestows power over others. Jesus is the greatest example of humility that exists. He did not cling to the glory that he had as God when he came as a man. And after everything that He suffered here on the earth, He surrendered everything: the kingdom, the power and the glory to the Father.

The last lying promise of the god of money that I will mention is freedom. Whoever has a lot of money can do what they want. This is the doctrine of Hollywood. Mammon is a God that enslaves, but if the truth sets us free, we will be free indeed! Let me be clear, Mammon is not the same thing as money. The apostle Paul said that the problem is the love of money. He said in first Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Mammon is this idolatrous love. In other words, it is selfish, greedy and covetous.

This is the reason why we cannot serve God and Mammon, because they are opposed to each other. Mammon says to take, but God says to give. Mammon is selfish, but God is generous. Mammon says to buy and sell, God says to sow and reap. Mammon says to cheat and steal, but God says to give and then we will receive.

When we learn to perceive that these characteristic are not simply loose and disconnected tendencies, we will much more easily perceive that we are in reality, up against a devious evil spirit that preys on our material insecurities.

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  1. Susan Moore says:

    This is an interesting concept you are developing here. It seems kind of foreign to our culture but I suppose there are biblical precedences such as when Jesus and the Apostles identified spirits of infirmity.

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