Emotional fear and prevention

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How to deal with emotional fear and prevention

emotional fearThe Bible teaches a principal that rules the attitude of fear and emotional prevention. In Proverbs 10:24 the psalmist said: The fear of the wicked will come upon him, And the desire of the righteous will be granted. We can define emotional fear as an exaggerated preventative behavior. This indicates that, in some way, we live with a strong inner pain or disappointment that we have not yet been able to overcome. Emotional fear produces vulnerability and vulnerability produces fear, throwing the personality off-balance. Freedom is exchanged for a defensive posture, through which we put up many barriers.

The tendency is for these preventative actions to begin to rule over our entire behavior, even if we refuse to admit it. Suddenly, it dawns on us that we decline to go to certain places merely because someone who has hurt us will be present. Jesus no longer is the center of our lives, and these barriers become the center of our attention and attitudes, manipulating our lives.

Many times we will have to face and resolve past situations that carry a negative spiritual balance in certain relationships. It is necessary that we be willing to disarm these barriers through confession and restitution when necessary. It is better to turn red from anger from time to time than to live in a constant state of the blush of shame.

Prevention is a form of transforming our resentments, disappointments and rejections into idols and spiritually if is a form of idolatry. It is an emotional declaration that we have failed in our responsibility to forgive. This allows the fear of being repetitively wounded or rejected to germinate and take root in our hearts, imposing barriers and difficulties that render our ability to relate to others unattainable, casting our temperament into a hyper-sensitive attitude.

Emotional fear provides a foothold in the spiritual world for us to be attacked, or in other words, we will be attacked in any area in which we tolerate fear and prevention. Job experienced this reality by saying: “That which I most feared came upon me”. These areas become points of deep spiritual weakness which make us vulnerable. Acting in this way, all we are able to achieve, is to make demonic attacks ever more inviting.

Through prevention we construct a solid atmosphere of defeat, strengthening the spiritual chains that bind us. When fear represses faith, it is a sign that we are listening to the lies of Satan. Each attitude of prevention that we establish in our lives becomes not only a target, but also a starting point for God’s dealings in our lives. Each barrier must be destroyed, every wall knocked down! It is exactly in these points that a picture of defeat is rooted in which we maintain the dynamics of a vicious circle of reproof.

Have you ever been in a wrestling match with God? Guess who will always lose and who will always win. The truth is that God wants to destroy all of our preventative attitudes this is a non-negotiable priority with respect to his plan for each one of us.

God wants to make us a free people, no matter how much pain this causes us in the process. The complete freedom in Christ, an unrestricted availability and a heart with no barriers are fundamental requirements for us to enjoy true divine authority as well as to live according to the flow of his anointing.

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