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Here today gone tomorrow – Psalm 125

Here today gone tomorrow! -Psalm 125 “Here today gone tomorrow”, without a doubt you have heard this adage at one point in your life. This has become the norm for fashion, music groups, small businesses and recently large corporations like “Borders”.  It is also true of most people and their careers, family, and even churches.  […]


Adultery – Becareful little eyes what you see.

The dangerous snare of adultery in the Christian life Adultery in the life of the unconverted is just another sin with considerable negative consequences. However in the life of a Christian it is much more serious than many Christians think. Continuing on the vein of the need for Christians to fear God, listen up those […]


The Crown of life and the overcomer

I have already mentioned that the objective of the race and the fight is a crown, a reward, and now we will examine what the Word of God teaches specifically about crowns, more specifically that which Paul called the crown of righteousness or the crown of life. In I Corinthians chapter 4, the Apostle Paul […]


Contending for the faith – Do we have to fight to get to heaven?

Contending for the faith – why the Christian should fight Not only is the Christian life a race but it is also a fight.  The apostle Paul likened himself to a boxer, a prizefighter contending for the faith.  This not only speaks of training and discipline but also of strategy and force.  A race demands […]


Running the Christian Race: Is salvation a gift or a prize?

Running the Christian race – Why it is it necessary? What does running the Christian race mean exactly? Do we run to be saved or do we believe to be saved.  Is salvation a gift or a prize? In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 we read: “Do you not know that those who run in a race all […]


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