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The Bride of Christ and the Purpose of prosperity

The bride of Christ points to the purpose of prosperity In Deuteronomy 8:11-18 God spoke through Moses and told the people in Israel to be careful not to forget their God by not keeping his commandments. He also told them to be careful after they have eaten and are full and have built beautiful houses and […]


I have the right – The sinner’s bill of rights

The sinner bill of rights I have the right! How many times have those words come out of your mouth? We as human beings are constantly demanding our rights.  Think about it. Most irritation, frustration and anger is caused by an infringment of what we consider to be our God given rights. I have the right to  […]


Spiritual growth – How to disciple spiritual children Part 3 – The power of example and words

Spiritual growth – The power of example and words Spiritual growth in the heart In the previous post I mentioned that before parents teach any spiritual growth principles to their children the commands of the Lord must be “in their hearts” and that from the very beginning, the pattern for the multiplication of human generations depends on […]


Make disciples – How to disciple spiritual children

Make disciples – Biblical discipleship patterned after natural child rearing Make disciples, easy right? Yeah, about as easy as raising children. As a young father and up to the time when our two sons left home to go to Seminary, I never considered myself a very good father.  I always loved our sons but I […]


The fear of the Lord and what God wants us to understand about it

The fear of the Lord The fear of the Lord is rarly understood  by His people. Besides the grace and love of God, another one of His commonly misunderstood attributes is His justice.  Absolute justice offers no threat to those who are absolutely just, the problem is, who is absolutely just? Those who lack the recognition of […]


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