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Responding to Divine disapproval

Responding to divine approval and overcoming reproof The way that we respond to divine tests sent by God spares us of divine disapproval and determines the amount and quality of the development of our personality as well as our emotional nature and assimilated character. We have three options in how we respond to God’s testing […]


Flight response of the believer to God’s reproof

The danger of fleeing from God’s reproof Emotionally wounded people tend to run away from situations and responsibilities. Flight is one of the strongest temptations to those who find themselves in the state of reproof. Any situation of pain, whether physical, emotional or moral, invariably imposes the dynamic of flight response. The tendency is to […]


Reproof – how to recognize God in your trying circumstances

Three signs of reproof God never despises or discards Christians that he has reproved; on the contrary, his greatest desire is to approve such believers. God is the one who most loves us and is willing to invest in our lives in any way necessary. The word reproof, no matter how painful the concept it […]


Facing the fear of being corrected

The spirit of prevention and the fear of correction Whenever we speak of tests, our natural tendency is to fear the necessary circumstances of dealing with the pain and trauma of our defeats, thus exposing the refuse and garbage of our soul that we would feel more comfortable hiding because of our fear of being […]


Trials and tribulations demystified

Making sense of God’s trials and tribulations Since the only way that we can be approved by God is by passing through tests, trials and tribulations that he permits us to go through it is important that we understand the role of these divine trials and tribulations in our lives. In each test lies the […]


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