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Running the Christian Race: Is salvation a gift or a prize?

Running the Christian race – Why it is it necessary? What does running the Christian race mean exactly? Do we run to be saved or do we believe to be saved.  Is salvation a gift or a prize? In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 we read: “Do you not know that those who run in a race all […]


Good works – Unequal rewards for unequal service

Why should Christians be concerned about good works? Good works, are they really necessary? Once we get over the difficulty of admitting that receiving rewards for good works is a spiritual matter and not reserved for the least noble among us and that God even encourages the idea of producing good works for heavenly rewards, it […]


Just a cup of cold water

A cup of cold water . . . How could such a small thing as a cup of cold water make a difference to God? As was stated in the previous post the Lord has shown through scripture that the subject of rewards is very important.  For this reason no rewards offered or promised by God […]


Rewards in heaven . . . Who needs em then?”

Does God promise rewards in heaven? “Rewards in heaven?  Who needs rewards in heaven? I will thrilled just to be able to go to heaven! Give me the smallest mansion in heaven any day!” I would imagine that the above sentiment expresses what many Christians today feel concerning spiritual rewards.   Just what do you know about […]


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