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Facing the fear of being corrected

The spirit of prevention and the fear of correction Whenever we speak of tests, our natural tendency is to fear the necessary circumstances of dealing with the pain and trauma of our defeats, thus exposing the refuse and garbage of our soul that we would feel more comfortable hiding because of our fear of being […]


Everyone a leader – Church growth and the vision of every member a leader

Everyone a leader The validity of the concept of everyone a leader has been shown by an experiment performed with five people placed in a boat in the middle of a lake.  Each person received an oar and was instructed to row the boat back to shore with no details as to what side of […]


Five-fold ministry gifts – How to disciple spiritual children

Five-fold ministry and spiritual child rearing The five-fold ministry is usually addressed within the context of trans-denominational high-profile ministries, but on closer examination the five-fold ministry has more to do with discipleship than itinerant ministry. In Ephesians 4:11-16 the apostle Paul outlined the relationship between ministers in the five-fold ministry gifts and the edification of […]


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