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Grace scandal

Grace scandal – Embrace it! Christians have never understood the grace scandal. It just seems too incredible to them.  The world knows so little of the principle of the grace scandal and the gifts of God.  We humans instinctively learn to “wheel and deal” and bargain.  All day long our minds are occupied with how much work we […]


God’s scandalous grace

Scandalous grace God’s scandalous grace is Biblical grace. Grace, from the Greek “charis”  specifically means undeserved or unmerited favor.  For grace to be grace it should never be expected since it has no basis on merit or recompense. Grace implies receiving without having a reason to receive. Once grace has a reason, it becomes something […]


Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

Why should I be good? I am going to start this blog off by talking about a book I recently wrote called Why should I be good? Salvation is free! It is available on as a Kindle book. Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why should I be good? Salvation is free! Why […]


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