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Salvation is a gift but the kingdom is a reward

Salvation is free! It’s the reward that costs. Salvation is a gift received by grace through faith but the kingdom is a reward received by works Salvation is a gift, the Word of God never teaches that we can receive it by works. Nobody can buy salvation, Jesus already paid for it.  He bought and […]


Gods gift to the Son

Gods gift to the Son points to Eternal Security Gods gift to the church is the Son, but Gods gift to the Son is the Church. God the Father gave those who He saved as a gift to His Son Jesus Christ. “I have manifested Your name to the men whom You have given Me […]


Grace scandal

Grace scandal – Embrace it! Christians have never understood the grace scandal. It just seems too incredible to them.  The world knows so little of the principle of the grace scandal and the gifts of God.  We humans instinctively learn to “wheel and deal” and bargain.  All day long our minds are occupied with how much work we […]


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