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Salvation is a gift but the kingdom is a reward

Salvation is free! It’s the reward that costs. Salvation is a gift received by grace through faith but the kingdom is a reward received by works Salvation is a gift, the Word of God never teaches that we can receive it by works. Nobody can buy salvation, Jesus already paid for it.  He bought and […]


Keeping power of God, or staying power of man

We are saved by the keeping power of God and not by our staying power no matter how righteous we may be. God teaches us in His word that He keeps us unto salvation. Four dimensions of God keep us in His saving hand.  These are: the Son of God, the power of God, the […]


Blood covenant and eternal security

  The blood covenant is a guarantee of salvation. Salvation or the new birth is a blood covenant, the last of a series of covenants that God has made with man often called the “New Covenant“. It is a blood covenant completely conceived and developed by God.  It is an agreement between two parties so […]


Gods gift to the Son

Gods gift to the Son points to Eternal Security Gods gift to the church is the Son, but Gods gift to the Son is the Church. God the Father gave those who He saved as a gift to His Son Jesus Christ. “I have manifested Your name to the men whom You have given Me […]


Living stones and Eternal Security

Living stones, the metaphor that suggests security When individual Christians gather in one place as living stones, they become the temple of God. Every believer is like a stone of this building and the Lord Jesus is the foundation.  He is the corner stone and we are smaller stones built up together by Him. . […]


Eternal security and the health of the body of Christ

Eternal security is often attacked by many Christians because they are not comfortable with the implications of  a “baring all rules free for all salvation”. This is understandable however we must be careful not to base our Christian beliefs on the implications of rejecting them but on the weight of biblical evidence that supports them […]


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