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Flight response of the believer to God’s reproof

The danger of fleeing from God’s reproof Emotionally wounded people tend to run away from situations and responsibilities. Flight is one of the strongest temptations to those who find themselves in the state of reproof. Any situation of pain, whether physical, emotional or moral, invariably imposes the dynamic of flight response. The tendency is to […]


Reproof – how to recognize God in your trying circumstances

Three signs of reproof God never despises or discards Christians that he has reproved; on the contrary, his greatest desire is to approve such believers. God is the one who most loves us and is willing to invest in our lives in any way necessary. The word reproof, no matter how painful the concept it […]


Strongholds of the mind

Spiritual strongholds of the mind When the Bible talks about spiritual warfare, it uses the imagery of mental battlefields and strongholds of the mind. The main battlefield of spiritual warfare is the human mind and each area of defeat corresponds to the foundation on which Satan internally constructs strongholds in our lives. Normally these evil […]


Spiritualization of emotional wounds

Spiritual Warfare and emotional wounds In the last post: The prison of emotional trauma I compared the Christian’s spiritual battle to a boxing match in which one of the two fighters is repeatedly pummeled by the opponent. God always gives us the means to gain the upper hand in the conflict but often Christians become victims […]


The prison of emotional trauma

Emotional trauma in the life of God’s people invariably weakens the personality while at the same time compromises the formation of character. I will be more specific by saying that the deeper the trauma, the greater the hypersensitivity, withdrawal and vulnerability. This is tragic because God has given his people ample provision to live in […]


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