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The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Grace

Understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom In order to gain a correct understanding of what the bible calls “The gospel of the kingdom” it is important to understand some fundamental concepts.  First, it is useful to know that only in the gospel of Matthew is the term “The gospel of the kingdom” used.  No other […]


The Crown of life and the overcomer

I have already mentioned that the objective of the race and the fight is a crown, a reward, and now we will examine what the Word of God teaches specifically about crowns, more specifically that which Paul called the crown of righteousness or the crown of life. In I Corinthians chapter 4, the Apostle Paul […]


Contending for the faith – Do we have to fight to get to heaven?

Contending for the faith – why the Christian should fight Not only is the Christian life a race but it is also a fight.  The apostle Paul likened himself to a boxer, a prizefighter contending for the faith.  This not only speaks of training and discipline but also of strategy and force.  A race demands […]


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