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Reproof – how to recognize God in your trying circumstances

Three signs of reproof God never despises or discards Christians that he has reproved; on the contrary, his greatest desire is to approve such believers. God is the one who most loves us and is willing to invest in our lives in any way necessary. The word reproof, no matter how painful the concept it […]


Rightly divide the Word of truth

To rightly divide the Word of truth we must have authority The manner in which Christ ministered God’s Word expressed a marked contrast with the manner that the religious leaders of his day taught the Scriptures. He taught with authority, they merely taught with precision, dead precision. Precision in the preaching and teaching of God’s […]


The disintegration of character

The syndrome of chronic moral debility We live in a morally debilitated and degenerate world resulting in the disintegration of character. Decadence is on the increase. The line between morality and immorality has been blurred so much that most people can no longer distinguish one from the other. Society has engendered such a sharp inversion […]


The Law of two Altars

PRESENT YOURSELF TO GOD FIRST Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed. (2 Timothy 2:15) Presenting oneself to God principally involves the motivational aspect of service as its foundation. The intentional action of one’s heart is just as important as the development of the ministerial […]


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