The Bride of Christ and the Purpose of prosperity

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The bride of Christ points to the purpose of prosperity

In Deuteronomy 8:11-18 God spoke through Moses and told the people in Israel to be careful not to forget their God by not keeping his commandments.

He also told them to be careful after they have eaten and are full and have built beautiful houses and have lived in them, and when their herds and their flocks have multiplied just as everything else that they have, and when their heart and their pride is lifted up because of all this blessing and they begin to forget God who brought them out of Egypt and protected them along the way providing for their needs and protecting them from enemies.

If they should say in their heart “my power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth”, He warned them that they should remember the Lord their God for it is He who gave them the power to get wealth so that they may establish His covenant.

God is gracious and generous and loves to pour His blessings upon His people. However as He spoke these words through Moses He has established a definite principle that the power to get wealth comes from Him and He gives it toward a definite purpose that being establishing His covenant. The bride of Christ is the principle channel of establishing God’s covenant.

One way to do this is to appreciate the value of the bride of Christ and care for her

The church is the bride of Christ. Unfortunately today, most Christians do not much appreciate Christ’s bride. There are too many “friends of the groom” who feel that the bride of Christ is not very lovely or desirable. This is a major and strategic error of many Christians who never experience what it is like to eat the good of the land. What they do not recognize is that the Lord, by no means takes kindly to those of His people, who despise His bride.

Suppose I was a rich man who went on a journey and left three of my most trusted servants to care for my bride. I promise to send $10,000 each month to each servant with the understanding that each one gives $1000 each month for my bride to spend on her needs.

On the first month of my trip the first servant gave $1200 to my bride and did so for the rest of the time that I was gone. The second servant was faithful each month and gave $1000 for the support of my bride. The last servant however gave only $800 to my bride on the first month, $400 on the second month and nothing for the remainder of my travels.

When I returned from my journey how will do you suppose I will deal with each servant? Since the third servant had abandoned his commitment with my bride I will take the privilege of receiving $10,000 per month from him and will add it to what I give to the first servant since he went beyond what I requested and proved himself to have a heart for my bride. The second servant will remain in his present position because he has been faithful.

God will treat his servants in the same manner with respect to the bride of Christ. He will reward those who have been most faithful with what He entrusted to the least faithful and punish those who are unfaithful by taking away everything and giving it to those who are most faithful. The first will be promoted, the second will retain his position and the third will lose everything.

In God’s kingdom which of the three describe you? If you want to eat the good of the land you should be most like the first and least like the third.

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