Blood covenant and eternal security

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The blood covenant is a guarantee of salvation.

blood_covenantSalvation or the new birth is a blood covenant, the last of a series of covenants that God has made with man often called the “New Covenant“. It is a blood covenant completely conceived and developed by God.  It is an agreement between two parties so serious, that it can never be broken, only under penalty of death.  Through this agreement, all possessions and debts become the property of both parties of the covenant.

The terms of a blood covenant

Satan knows the power of blood covenants and that is why he demands their use in his worship and rituals.  The Hebrews celebrated blood covenants with several symbols to affirm the terms of the covenant.  One of the symbols was that the two parties of the covenant exchanged coats or outer clothing.  This clothing symbolizes life, so the two parties exchanged their lives for one another.

Another symbol was the exchange of belts, which symbolizes protection, or the idea that whoever attacks one attacks the other and each would protect one another.  Another part of the covenant ceremony was walking among the divided blood sacrifice in a figure eight, which is a symbol of beginning a new life together.  In addition, those entering in to the blood covenant would cut their hand or wrist and mingle their blood one with another to signify that they were uniting as one. They also ate bread and drank wine symbolizing that the life of one was entering the body of the other.  New names were also given to each to signify that each had the right to the name of the other and finally trees were planted and the terms of the blood covenant were carved into the trunks symbolizing blessing in fulfilling the covenant and cursing for breaking the covenant.

Marriage as a blood covenant

Marriage is an example of a blood covenant.  The Word of God makes it clear that the marriage covenant ends only with the death of either the husband or the wife.  “What God hath joined let no man separate” are the words of our Lord.

God made a covenant with King David and established his throne forever.  Jesus the son of David is the fulfillment of the covenant, which is an example of an eternal covenant.  The new covenant is also an eternal covenant.  This means that nothing can destroy it.  No amount of sin, disobedience or unfaithfulness can make the covenant null or void. Since salvation is a blood covenant ratified through the blood of Christ, nothing can undo it.  God established this blood covenant with man on the basis of His grace and He will see it through eternity on the basis of His grace.  God does not base all His dealings with His people on grace, but He has based salvation through the new birth on grace from the beginning and lasting all throughout eternity.  There is no end to salvation; it is by grace and it is eternal.  Thank God for His unspeakable gift!


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